DIY: Building The Perfect Photo Wall in a Couple Hours

It’s super easy to achieve a professional looking photo or gallery wall in your home. Don’t overthink it, keep it simple rather than going crazy with colors and sizes, and have fun with it. Make this an afternoon project or complete it as you feel like it.What you need:

  • Ruler/Level
  • Photo prints in different sizes
  • Frames in different sizes (remember to check your local thrift stores for cheap frames)
  • Frame hanging fasteners OR 3M Picture Hanging Strips (they come in black and are great for using black frames!)
  • Framed quotes, letters, fabrics, magazine clippings, art prints, greeting cards, etc.
  • Time: 2-3 hours, depending on how many frames you have

Lets do it!

  1. Choose your wall. Don’t just throw it on some empty wall you won’t see. These are your memories you are sharing, so I recommend a blank wall in the living room, headed up your stairs, over your fireplace mantle, etc.
  2. Prep your photos by matching them up to each frame you want to use. Ensure you have a good mix of 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and if you have the space, 11×13.
  3. Decide on a color scheme/theme. I love the look of matte black frames with different accents here and there, so I mostly kept that style throughout. I threw in a couple wooden frames for kicks. I converted all my images to black/white because I love the cohesive look of that, but it’s up to you!
  4. Remember this doesn’t have to be JUST photos! Get creative… think quotes, silhouettes, artwork or prints that follow your color scheme, vintage magazine ads, your children’s artwork, really anything! You can find some unique things to put in frames in thrift stores – check the book and magazine sections for super cheap finds! However you should keep in mind that these pieces should be meaningful to you in some way.
  5. Decide on a center image, this will be where you start and you will hang from there. I went with an 11×13 of our wedding party.
  6. Start hanging your frames. There are multiple ways to get your photos up on the wall. I like to use 3M strips myself. Ensure they are somewhat level upon placing them, especially if you are using the strips. I used a small piece in each corner of my frames.
  7. Work your way out from that center image and be sure to mix up the sizes you are adding to the wall.

Part of the whimsy of this project is to avoid perfection. If you are setting out to make each frame exactly 2.75″ apart on all sides and perfectly straight, you may not succeed and become frustrated. Also, I adore the look of frames tossed up on the wall with little measuring. With that being said, I aimed for about 3 inches apart on each side. You will see this in the photos!

Stop when you feel like you’re done! Keep in mind, this can be a work in progress for awhile.

Are there any other ways to do this? Please share! If you try this project in your home, please share below in the comments! I would love to see your work and what you think!

Author: Marleyyy Vlogs

Marley Bengier Mommin' in Virginia, USA Jamming to the current soundtrack of my life: 1. Toddler squeals 2. Coffee drips 3. Dog yips 4. *Clink Clink* Cheers! (Is it naptime yet?)

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