The Non-Baby Registry – What NOT to Buy

When building our baby registry, we started off with the little checklist from the baby store. Guess what, they provide this list so they sell more stuff. Many of these items are just stuff and your baby may or may not use it.

I have also noticed a huge influx of baby gear, clothes, and goods at stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls in the past year or so. Let it be known amongst family and friends that you prefer gift cards or gifts from these stores because your money will go soo much further there. Returns and exchanges are pretty simple, too.

Items you can skip:

  • Breast Pump – Check with your insurance first to see what kind of pump is offered by them. Some insurance companies will compensate after you purchase one, but not for all brands and models, so double check!
  • Changing table – In my opinion, they just take up too much space for what they do. If you have a couch or bed, you have a changing table.
  • Rockers, bouncers, jumperoos, etc. – We had three different kinds and Josie liked The Mamaroo for a few weeks, but that’s it. Could have saved a couple hundred dollars.
  • A huge selection of pacifiers – Wait to see if your baby has a favorite shape/size (or will take a paci at all) and then invest in a few of that kind.
  • Plastic bibs – Purees will slide ride off those suckers. Skip it and go with the cloth kind or the rubber kind that have a catcher at the bottom.
  • Tons of girly clothes or obviously boy clothes – If you register for any baby clothes, make sure they’re gender neutral. Cuz you just never know!
  • Fancy and extensive crib bedding – Per the advice of your doctor, skip the quilts, bumpers, rail protectors, etc. Register for a few sets of crib sheets; we like the funky patterns offered by Levtex.
  • Diaper pail – Do you have a trash can in your house? Instant diaper pail!

Do this instead:

  • Register for diapers, diapers, diapers, in ALL sizes (Unless you plan on moving in the next year or so, cuz then you’ll just have to move a bunch of diapers). While you don’t know your unborn baby’s preferences yet, you do know that he or she will need diapers.
  • Shop the clearance rack. Double check items for tears and markings. I can’t tell you how many baby Ralph Lauren dresses we’ve found for under $7.00 that were in perfect condition.
  • Register for a nice quality baby carrier, like Ergobaby or LILLEBaby. Trust me when I say our Ergobaby 360 has saved my arms a thousand times over. I also loved our wrap carrier when Josie was teeny, but she quickly figured out how to wiggle out of it.
  • Shop secondhand for high-quality and expensive items. We got our BOB jogging stroller on one of the mom classified Facebook groups in our area for $50, but it retails for around $500 new. Be smart about it, obviously, do your research, and save a little money.
  • Because of the risk of SIDS, doctors want all babies sleeping on their back. No blankets, no stuffed animals, and no pillows. But how will the baby stay warm? One thing that saved our lives because of Josie’s wanting to be warm and held all the time: a Rock n’ Play Sleeper. It’s like a baby hammock – I absolutely swear by it and we are sooo grateful they exist. I wouldn’t bother with the ones that have an automatic rocking function, because they’re kind of noisy. This basically takes place of a bassinet, so it’s only used for when your new addition is still a lil baby. Swaddle wrap + rock n’ play = happy sleeping newborn.
  • Other splurge items that are worth it: Sophie la Girafe teether, silicone teething jewelry, glider/rocker (there’s a reason people have been rocking babies for centuries), Pack ‘N Play, and a nice stroller/car seat travel system (we used the carrier until Josie was about 6 months old, so well worth the money).

Congrats on your new little one, enjoy!

Author: Marleyyy Vlogs

Marley Bengier Mommin' in Virginia, USA Jamming to the current soundtrack of my life: 1. Toddler squeals 2. Coffee drips 3. Dog yips 4. *Clink Clink* Cheers! (Is it naptime yet?)

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