New Mom Resources

The best advice I can provide is to not spend a lot of time searching online for why your baby has awful gas or if your baby has a weird shaped head. Everything in moderation. In hindsight, talking to other moms was really what helped me out.

But let’s be real. Google is at our fingertips and it’s hard to stay off the internet when you’re wondering about the color of your kid’s poop. Here is a quick list of resources, groups, and websites that helped me a TON when I had a newborn.


In addition to keeping an open line of communication with friends and family, finding people online who are going through similar things is a huge help! These ladies below were, and continue to be, great to follow for that.


  • Book: What to Expect When You’re Expecting, The First Year (seriously, I haven’t used any other books because I didn’t want to cloud my mind with differing opinions – I go by my pediatrician’s advice and this book)
  • Local and state Babywearing groups (i.e. BWI of Central Virginia)
  • Facebook groups for local mom play date groups
  • Facebook groups for local classifieds (i.e. Midlothian Moms Classifieds)

Please note: This list is ongoing and will be updated as I discover new resources. If you have any ideas or recommendations, please let us know down below – You can help a mama by sharing!

Author: Marleyyy Vlogs

Marley Bengier Mommin' in Virginia, USA Jamming to the current soundtrack of my life: 1. Toddler squeals 2. Coffee drips 3. Dog yips 4. *Clink Clink* Cheers! (Is it naptime yet?)

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